Dissecting the Credit Card: Know More about It

When you are traveling or living in another country, especially in Singapore, credit cards will come in handy. Sometimes you will not have enough cash on hand to meet all your needs. You can also utilize credit cards to build your credit. Good credit history, which means consistent credit card repayments, can help you obtain […]

Keep Yourself—and Your Family—Safe with Travel Insurance

Keep Yourself—and Your Family—Safe with Travel Insurance It doesn’t matter if you’re a frequent traveler or not. Once you decide to go to other countries, especially to those you’re not really familiar of, have a travel insurance policy. A travel insurance coverage offers protection in a lot of things. Here are just some of its […]

Save Up for Your Kid’s College

College education in Singapore can be pretty expensive, especially for a foreigner. However, that doesn’t mean you can no longer afford it. In fact, you can start saving up some money before your child reaches to college. In Singapore there are a lot of ways on how you can do that. Begin by opening a […]