About Us

utopiafestivalsingapore.com is blogged by Mr Li Xiang Long. Mr Li is a public figure with many years of experience living in Singapore. He lives in Ang Mo Kio and to him; AMK is a utopia estate of Singapore.

utopiafestivalsingapore.com is an insurance blogging platform that believes if everyone multiply their yearly income by 25 years and gets a death coverage based on it for life, their dependants will live in utopia when they die.

utopiafestivalsingapore.com explore how we can make use of life insurance product to enrich and help our dependant achieve financial freedom to ensure they live their life without any financial worries

Xiang Long is a public figure who organises festivals at his beloved estate ang mo kio every month. His favourite food is mee siam without hum (cockles), an innovative crossed race Singapore delicacy that was invented by his father Mr Li Guang You

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