Keep Yourself—and Your Family—Safe with Travel Insurance

Keep Yourself—and Your Family—Safe with Travel Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re a frequent traveler or not. Once you decide to go to other countries, especially to those you’re not really familiar of, have a travel insurance policy.

A travel insurance coverage offers protection in a lot of things. Here are just some of its benefits:

  • Protection for lost or stolen luggage
  • Protection for lost or stolen important documents such as visa and passport
  • Health care assistance
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Acceptance in several countries all over the world
  • Protection for damaged or stolen rental car


Getting a travel insurance policy is actually not difficult at all. There are also many ways on how you can reduce its premium, make the most out of it, and not make it void:

Ask the airline. One of the first people you need to ask for travel insurance is the airline. You can apply for one once you book your airline tickets. However, you cannot really expect thorough coverage with them. Majority of them provide travel insurance that’s only good while you’re in transit or at the airport. You cannot depend on it during medical situations.

Check your credit card. It’s common for credit cards in Singapore to offer complimentary presents or rewards to their clients, especially to their new subscribers. Besides waiving the annual fee, you may look forward to free travel insurance policies.

The good news is their travel insurance is quite comprehensive and so much better than the one offered by airline companies. However, it may not really suffice all your needs, especially if you’re planning to stay long in your destination. It may not be useful during emergencies. Moreover, the insurance may not become applicable unless you utilize the credit card for booking the airline and accommodation. It may also not last for a very long time.

To be sure always read the terms and conditions.

Determine your flying schedules. If you will be flying a lot of times during the year, it’s best to apply for a year-round insurance policy. You will pay less for it, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting filing for travel insurance.

Identify your destination. Not all countries will be covered by your travel insurance. It is very rare, if not impossible, to find insurance coverage if you’re going to very dangerous countries, those that are filled with wars, famines, and diseases. You have to keep in mind that the travel insurance companies are doing business, and they want to avoid clients who are most likely going to file a lot of claims against their policy.

This is also the reason why you should listen to travel advisories. The Singapore government can keep you abreast of countries that are under close watch. They would then issue out warnings. If you go to this country and suffer from an accident or injury, you may not be able to make a claim. Insurance companies will use the non-conformity to travel advisory against you.

Know your companions. It’s possible you will be traveling with your loved ones, such as your spouse and kids. It is ideal if you can find an insurance policy that covers not only you but the entire family. You may pay higher than other travel insurance coverage, but it’s going to be worth it since everyone is protected.

It’s best if they have a branch in your destination. You don’t know when you’re going to need your travel insurance coverage or if you have questions. It’s excellent if you can depend on a 24-hour assistance, and you can visit the office should you require personal support from them. This is also the reason why you should look for more popular travel insurance.

Read the terms and conditions. One of the conditions you need to read is when the travel insurance becomes void. Perhaps you’re not aware that your decisions mean you can no longer take advantage of the benefits offered by your travel insurance. You should know the rules even before you apply for one.

Protect yourself from cancellations. This is where most of the credit cards with travel insurance fail. You cannot ask for protection against flight cancellations. Now there are so many reasons why flights can be cancelled. These may include natural disasters, threat to terrorism, and quarantine over an illness. When your insurance has protection against cancellation, you have a huge chance of getting the full refund of your cancelled trip. You can then utilize the money for your extended needs, such as accommodation.

Compare travel insurance. Just because it’s bundled to another product or service you’re getting the best deal for your travel insurance. It’s either it’s actually overpriced, or the benefits are highly limited. Compare at least 3 to 5 travel insurance policies before you settle for one.

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